Reggio Emilia Approach|レッジョ・エミリア・アプローチ


At DIS, we document every growing step of your child in an album which we call a "daily journal". We record elements such as: things your child has accomplished, their first words, and even what they smiled and laughed at during the course of the day, in order for you to feel closely involved in your child's development. These records can be filed and saved for a lifetime.



At DIS we believe strongly in the Theory of Multiple Intelligence which states that there is not just one cognitive area which can be measured and evaluated, but 8 different intelligences and each child has a unique combination of all of them. We know that each child has their own way of being brilliant, and their own system for excelling at school. Because of this we cater our program to fit each child's strengths and educational needs, and provide a wealth of experiences which allow each child to use their own personal strengths and intelligences to approach thematic studies. Within our program children are able to constantly excel using their own particular skills and interests, and because of this it guarantees that school is always an enjoyable experience. DIS children graduate our program with a love for education, and the confidence to conquer any challenges that life give them

子供達は誰もが得意分野を持っており、その分野における興味は尽きる事がありません。 これはハーバード大学教授のHoward Gardnerが提唱したMI理論と同じ様に、子供たちの長所や個性を生かしていこうという考え方です。 これまでの教育は、”子供たちが学校の教育方針に合わせる”必要がありましたが、DISでは”学校がそれぞれの子供の個性や長所に合わせる教育”を提供する事で、子供たちが自然と必要な知識を身につける事ができます。 これらが学校を更に楽しくし、もっと学びたいという勉強する意欲を掻き立てます。 DISを卒業する頃には、学ぶ楽しさを身につけ、自分の方法で問題にチャレンジし解決ができる、という今後の人生に必要な自信を培います。


At DIS, we strongly believe that raising a child is a team effort. That is why we are here to help your child reach their potential, as well as encouraging and monitoring their growth. We provide a written report ("Documentation,") along with a private parent counceling session, where we are more than happy to listen to your concerns, opinions, and future expectations for your child.



At DIS, we try our best to make you feel comfortable and understand what your child is going through, even if your first language may not be English. We have bilingual teachers, as well as Japanese stuff to assist you with your language barrier.



In order to accommodate all family types, DIS extends its service hours to 6:00p.m. By being exposed to an English speaking environment for long periods of time, your child is more likely to flourish in their English communication skills.