DIS Approach DISアプローチ(教育方針)

DIS レッジョ・エミリア・アプローチ

At DIS we are strongly influenced by the style of teaching born in the small village of Reggio Emilia in Italy. At the core of our Reggio approach is the belief that each child is fully capable of expressing themselves and communicating their interests. Because of this, we believe that the children can have a great deal of control over their own education. The teachers carefully observe the children’s interests, and work to form a curriculum that suits the needs of the individual and the group. Our program allows the children in the school to explore freely and make new and exciting discoveries every day. The children’s interests lead to large and exciting projects which allow them to fully experience the subject they are learning about and develop knowledge that lasts a lifetime. We provide children with as many experiences as possible and encourage children to think creatively, solve problems, and be confident in their own abilities.

Daizawa International Schoolは、近年欧米の著名幼稚園を中心に世界中で採用されている幼児教育法「レッジョ・エミリア・アプローチ」を採用。その根底には、子供達は自分の興味や関心を自ら表現する事ができる、という考えがあります。

Advantages of the Reggio Approach


  1. By providing the chance to explore freely and master a wide variety of skills, the Reggio approach fosters children that are more confident in their abilities.


  2. Because the program is child-centered and inquiry-based, the Reggio approach instills in children the value of lifelong learning.


  3. The Reggio approach places an emphasis on collaboration through group project work and promotes equality which creates well rounded members of society.


Preparing for the Future


Reggio children carry on with their Reggio education into higher forms of learning as each child has been given the essential tools on how to enjoy learning, as opposed to being taught to just go about the motions of learning. Many successful companies such as Google were founded by innovators who thought creatively and outside the box. Their success can be greatly attributed to values that the Reggio approach instills in children, such as collaborative work, collaborative thinking, and creative expression.


A curriculum that prioritizes children


Thematic Studies(テーマ付け学習)

Our projects develop from an in depth focus on thematic studies, with a particular focus on learning about world cultures and countries. As an international school we hope that the students at DIS become truly “World Citizen”.

DISのプロジェクトは、テーマ付け学習を中心として組まれています。世界の国や文化をテーマとしたプロジェクトに取り組んでいく事で、“World Citizen”として子供達を育てていく事を目的としております。

Community Learning(コミュニティー学習)

Every month we have an exciting event or outing that relates to our current studies. We strongly encourage our parents to join us for these special days and help us create a school community.
In addition to this, when children reach our Oak program they are involved in monthly excursions to art museums and our school’s farm campus.



We put a big effort into providing a beautiful and thoughtfully designed environment for children’s education. In the Reggio approach the classroom is thought of as an additional teacher and our facility is filled with art, photographs, and other exciting visuals to stimulate learning, discussion, and exploration. We have high quality furniture and utilize thoughtful classroom layouts. We believe children care just as much about their environment as adults and have every right to a wonderful space for learning.


Daily Journal


Our teachers function as observers and documenters by taking notes, writing down quotes, and forming a complete picture of each day’s learning. We use this information to plan the next day’s activities and document each child’s learning and development. Each day we create a Daily Journal. This document is created with thematic designs, pictures, quotes, notes, and teacher comments. It is the story of your child’s life here at DIS. This beautiful hardbound book is a document that will allow you to remember your child’s educational journey for the rest of your lives.